Igor Todevski is one of the World paragliding pioneers. He`s more than 4600 paragliding and 450 sailplane flying hours. He`s got a UCVP paragliding instructor pilot certificate. And also he`s a member of the examination commission for issuing licenses in Macedonian Air Federation.
Igor is a World Cup competitor with a great emulative experience and one of the top-rated pilots in the world. Igor was flying as a Gin Team Pilot in the years behind and now he is flying under Ozone Team Flag.

Track record:

2010 – the 4th place at the World Cup in Greece
2010 – the 27th place at the Super Final
2011 – The 1st place at the World Cup elimination competitions in Turkey
2011 – The 4th team placing and the 15th place in the individual classification after becoming a part of the GIN pilot team among 130 pilots at the World Cup in Bayramoren, Turkey

2012 – The 1st place at the Ukrainian-Polish-Open Championship in Macedonia open and serial class.
1st place Slavonian open
1st place Serbian open National
2nd place Balkan league
2nd place Bulgarian National

Rating positions:
2010 – the 20th place in the FAI pilot rating system (WPRS)
2011 – the 11th among 150 best pilots of the planet
2011 – the 19th place in the FAI pilot rating system

Also Igor`s set up a national Macedonian record, having covered the route from Vodno (Skopje) to v.St Naum (Ohrid-Galichitsa).
So, if you have ever wanted to learn how to paraglide, or have the need to experience a tandem flight, or would like to safely fly Skopje & surrounding area — there is no better way to do it than with Igor, his team and Heli XC.